Unusual and surprising, welcome to the 15th arrondissement!

Unusual and surprising, welcome to the 15th arrondissement!

You think you know Paris, but have you explored every corner of the 15th arrondissement? Situated between the périphérique ring road and the Seine, this immense district boasts marvels and hosts unusual activities. Here’s a few selected by the Hotel Beaugrenelle Saint-Charles team.


Sit down or take to the skies?

To start with, we invite you to discover a recently opened place: Voie 15. This coworking establishment and restaurant is situated in the Gare de Vaugirard on the disused Petite Ceinture railway line. The old station has been renovated with taste and respect. The Petite Ceinture circles inner Paris and today is a fascinating place for walking and cultural creativity. Not far away, the Paris Heliport invites you to discover the region from above. Treat yourself to a flight in a helicopter and enjoy a bird’s eye view of the Palace of Versailles, the Eiffel Tower, and much more.


A small touch of New York 

Although a symbol of the U.S.A., the Statue of Liberty is inarguably French. The smaller version of Liberty Enlightening the World that has graced the Ile aux Cygnes in the middle of the Seine for 130 years tells the story. The neoclassical statue’s sculptor, Frédéric Auguste Bartholdi, before crafting the huge copper figure that now stands on Liberty Island, first made a plaster model. In 1889, this was used to cast a quarter scale replica to celebrate the centenary of the French Revolution. Going to meet her takes you on a lovely walk between the Grenelle and Bir Hakeim bridges, the Maison de la Radio and the Eiffel Tower, with magnificent views of the banks of the Seine...


In the 15th arrondissement, everyone can find an activity to their liking. Culture, shopping, romantic strolls, unusual discoveries, there is always something going on! The Hotel Beaugrenelle Saint-Charles team will gladly share some of them with you.


The Statue of Liberty
Paris Heliport
The Voie 15

Photo: bennymarty

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